All in the Family – Dying Light 2 Guide


All in the Family – Dying Light 2 Guide

All in the Family is a side quest in Dying Light 2 and is given to you by Will. It can be found outside of the Bazaar in Trinity. This quest can only be done

Dying Light 2: Foster family sidequest

Dying Light 2: Ultimate Guide To All Developer Weapons (Easter Eggs)

Ever wanted to obtain the most powerful weapons in Dying Light 2? What about straight-up silly easter egg items hidden by the Techland devs? Well, you’re in luck! This video covers everything you need to know about all of the developer blueprints in Dying Light 2, including locations, tutorials, tips, secrets, and more! I will also be showcasing gameplay, weapon stats, and giving recommendations on which enemies to use these items against (watch out, volatiles!). Welcome to the ultimate guide to the secret weapons of Dying Light 2.

Huge thanks to CrayfishTheArrowed for helping me with this video. Check out his Dying Light 2 No HUD mod:

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0:00 – Intro
1:08 – The Shocker (Katana)
3:02 – United In Fun (Soccer Ball)
4:24 – It’s Me… Marian! (Mario Shoes)
5:42 – Kacper’s Flip-Flops (Auto-Roll)
8:35 – Cyberhands 2177 (Cyberpunk 2077 Mantis Blade)
9:44 – Korek Charm (Unlimited Weapon Repairs)
12:41 – Left Finger of Glova (Finger Guns)
13:39 – Ka Doom Shotgun (Strongest Weapon)
16:19 – Dying Force (Star Wars The Force)
17:44 – Mistress Sword (Zelda)
18:57 – Pan of Destiny (Boomerang)
20:01 – Hoverboard (Back To The Future)
21:18 – Flying Broom (Harry Potter)
22:32 – Bicycle
26:13 – Outro

Dying Light 2 Side Quest – All In The Family Playthrough

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