Everything you need to know about M.U.D. TV.

மழையில் சிட்டுக்குருவியின் வீடு | Tamil Fairy tales | Tamil moral Stories | Choti Birds TV

மழையில் சிட்டுக்குருவியின் வீடு | Birds Stories | Tamil Fairy tales | Tamil moral Stories | Choti Birds TV Tamil

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M.U.D. TV: Are Y’all Ready??

The MidWest’s culture is ready to show the nation. Ready for a gaming adventure like no other? Play Roblox online and unlock a world of user-created games and experiences.

M.U.D. TV Trailer – English UK

Are you disappointed by how they started the final season of Lost? Are you ready to burn down the networks corporate offices for cancelling Ugly Betty?

While all of those are good reasons to go postal on the network execs in monkey suits, it wont solve your need for decent programming. You need to take control; you need to be the one making the decisions! This March, you can, with the release of M.U.D. TV.

Get an early glimpse of the game that gives you the power to run your own TV studio to the top of the ratings chart! The official trailer for M.U.D. TV is now available for your viewing and posting pleasure.

M.U.D. TV is currently under development by Kalypso Medias own studio Realmforge and will be available on PC in March 2010. For all the latest news on M.U.D. TV visit the official game site www.mud-tv.com