Homeward Bone – Dark Souls Guide


Homeward Bone – Dark Souls Guide

Transports the player to the last visited bonfire. Player does not lose souls or

Dark Souls 2 – What do you mean the homeward bone doesn’t work instantaneously?

Had this great idea of collecting back the 18k plus souls ‘deposited’ in the boss area, but Dark Souls 2 reminds me that it ain’t gonna let me go that easily!

Catacombs’ Blacksmith Vamos location [From Firelink Shrine] – DS Remastered

This is a guide on how to get to Vamos the Blacksmith from Firelink Shrine!
To sum it up :
– Get to the very first bonfire and activate the lever to open the door.
– Run through or kill everything until you reach the intersection where you need to go to the right and activate the second lever in order to remove the spikes from the first bridge.
– Run through the newly opened bridge and at the end of it (about around the time the skeletons attack you) drop down to the right as shown in the video.
– Go straight through and up the ladder to activate the last bridge.
– (Optional) On the immediate left of the ladder you just climbed is an illusory wall that hides a bonfire. I had already discovered the wall in the video.
– Go on the bridge that you activated and jump to your right on the little platform that then leads to where the Great Scythe is (be careful! “Trusty” Patches may try to kill you by turning the bridge upside down if you’re not fast enough) !
– Activate the last lever and then go down the spiral stairs while running to drop onto a platform, then do it again and grab the Green Titanite Shard, do it one more time and go down the hole to start the Blacksmith’s cutscene!

This is one of the earliest blacksmiths you have access to as soon as you start the game, and one of the only two that you can get to without having to kill any bosses whether you own the master key or not!
Be careful though as getting out of his room isn’t going to be easy since it’s crowded with Bonewheels.. you might want to use an Homeward Bone or miracle if you don’t feel confident!

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The Animated Guide to Dark Souls: Episode 2 – Homeward Bone

Episode 2! Thanks for the great reception to #1!

All animations and art are created by myself, I do not claim to own any of the sound, which is either from in-game or creative-commons licensed or from the youtube free-use library.

Other sound credits:
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Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100320
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