Leystone Armor – Guild Wars 2 Guide


Leystone Armor – Guild Wars 2 Guide

Leystone armor refers to a group of armor sets that can be acquired in the Heart of Thorns expansion. There is a collection achievement for gathering the

Guild Wars Skill Review: Keystone Signet

A review of the elite Mesmer skill Keystone Signet. It will recharge all of your signets except Resurrection/Sunspear Resurrection Signet.

Legendary Runes & Sigils Guide for Guild Wars 2

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Luminescent Armor Set Guide – Footwear

Hey guys!

I finally completed my lumi armor set, and just like my infused fractal capacitor I want to make a guide on how to obtain this as well.This is going to be split into a series of guides since there’s a lot more to do to get this set so stay tuned for the next lumi set piece guide!



Seed of Truth Living Story Achievement Guide – http://dulfy.net/2014/12/03/gw2-seeds-of-truth-living-world-story-achievements-guide/



Disfigure – Blank [NCS Release]